Fire in Notre-Dame Cathedral is a big tragedy which left no people untouched and showed how fragile and unprotected can be art in the face of natural hazards and man’s negligence.

The Paris Notre-Dame Cathedral (Notre-Dame de Paris) is the mankind’s heritage and Russian designers express solidarity with the rest of the world concerning the tragedy. It makes think about the role of each of us in preservation of cultural heritage, reminiscence of own country’s past and responsibility to descendants.

International Association of Designers invokes designers from all over the world to join our poster action named “Mankind’s Fragile Heritage”.

The action serves the purpose to draw attention of world community and authorities to necessity of cherishing cultural heritage worldwide.

The period of action: from 18 April 2019 to 30 June 2019

Upon action’s completion we are planning to perform a resulting exhibition project.

File technical requirements:


100×70 cm

200 dpi

Works are accepted by e-mail:

Dear Designers! Acceptance of works for the poster action is completed.

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Within the framework of the project there will be a lecture dedicated to destroyed objects of world heritage (in 20-21 centuries)

From famous seven wonders of the world up to the present days the mankind history knows about numerous monuments just on the cry. Victims of wars, cataclysms, fire and acts of terrorism — and we should speak not only about loss of physical form but also and primarily about loss of their non-recoverable “aura”. What do we lose with disappearance of own heritage? Can we restore it? How to preserve the spirit of original, if there is no the original? In the light of fire in Notre-Dame Cathedral we are going to view some monuments that have been lost in 20 and 21 centuries.

When some temple (palace or the most common fountain) becomes ruins we lose all the aspects that made it original. And even the history of its destruction becomes its part. Surely, we can restore it and try to adhere to its authentic spirit. However there is an eternal question: will it be the same temple — or will it be something different? Maybe we’d better remain it as it is — bearing the entire history including the act of destruction? After all, the term “monument” implies preservation of memory — whatever the memory is…

The author of the poster action’s idea and supervisor: Maria Suleymenova

Пожар в соборе Парижской Богоматери — великая трагедия, которая никого не оставила равнодушным и показала, насколько хрупким и беззащитным может быть искусство перед стихией и халатностью человека.
Эта трагедия заставляет задуматься о роли каждого из нас в сохранении культурного наследия и памяти о прошлом своей страны, об ответственности перед потомками.

Парижский собор Нотр-Дам (Notre Dame de Paris) достояние человечества, российские дизайнеры солидарны с общей культурной трагедией.
Международная Общественная Ассоциация «Союз Дизайнеров» призывает дизайнеров со всего мира присоединиться к плакатной акции «Достояние человечества».

Плакатная акция также служит целям обратить внимание мирового сообщества и власти на необходимость беречь культурное наследие во всем мире.

Автор идеи и куратор проекта: Мария Сулейменова.

Dear Designers! Acceptance of works for the poster action is completed.

View the list of exhibitors >>

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